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We Advocate for Anytime, Anywhere Connectivity

Washington works better when we’re connected.


Digital Equity
  • Helps keep communities safe and secure

  • Enables public safety personnel to do their jobs and save lives


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Public Safety
  • Better connectivity in more places

  • We expect our phones to work, even in peak times or large crowds

  • Connections that enhance our daily lives

  • Supports innovation across all industries


Economic Growth & Workforce Development
  • Creates desirable and well-paying jobs 

  • Empowers individuals to thrive and businesses to grow

Connectivity Priorities

Small Cell network buildout
  • Demand for wireless data is exploding, and is only going up.  According to one study, wireless data is expected to grow by a factor of 4 by 2028.

  • Seattle and other cities hope to implement new smart city technologies that will use high-tech sensors and transmitters to control traffic lights, streamline bus schedules and monitor electric, water and other utility usage.

  • To meet this growing demand and leverage the cutting edge tools it will provide, we need a network of small cell “nodes” which consists of small low-powered antennas—that provide coverage and capacity at a much greater rate than a traditional tower. 

Streamline municipal permitting
  • In order to deliver on the promise of 5G, infrastructure and networks MUST be built.

  • Network providers are ready to invest, but permitting delays have substantially delayed network buildouts. 

  • Elected leaders and officials at the local level need to work together to streamline this process and drive additional investment to get every family in Seattle connected. 

Leverage every technology available to deliver 5G
  • Today there are many ways to expedite network buildout. 

  • Leaders should consider innovative construction tools like micro-trenching, a system which replaces traditional trenching with a very narrow “micro-trench”.  Using micro-trenching ultra-high speed fiber can be deployed in days instead of months and at a much reduced cost. 

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